Fresh, Wholesome Ingredients,
locally sourced!


Intimate Dinner Parties

Skip the hassle of trying to cook and host your party!  Enjoy your company and have a great time hosting your party while I take care of the rest!  I create a personalized menu to fit the needs of your party, shop for the best and freshest ingredients, prepare the menu in your home on the day of the party, serve the menu to your guests, and clean up.  Invite your family, your friends, your co-workers, or just your one special someone for an intimate dinner in your own home.

Personalized Meal Plans

My Personal Chef Service is perfect for busy families or individuals who want to eat delicious and nutritious meals at home, but do not have the time or willpower to prepare them. I accommodate all dietary restrictions including paleo, keto, vegan, vegetarian, raw diet, gluten-free/celiac, elimination diet, no soy, no dairy, low or no salt, low or no sugar, nightshade-free, juice cleanse, etc., or no restrictions at all!

Here is how it works:

On-Site Catering

Max: 150 guests
My Onsite Catering Service is ideal for a variety of occasions, served in courses or buffet style. Just provide an equipped kitchen and I will cater a beautiful meal for your special occasion! Price varies according to # of guests, type of menu served, dietary preferences, any rentals needed, and travel time.

For a personalized quote, call or email me!

Catered Event Ideas…

Private Cooking Classes Max: 1 to 12 Students

My Private Cooking Classes provide valuable knowledge and skills that you can take home and share with your friends and loved ones. You can choose to have one-on-one sessions with me, create a group cooking class with friends and family, or celebrate a special occasion with a themed cooking class, all in the convenience of your own home or chosen venue. My cooking classes are interactive and hands-on. Everyone will receive a copy of each recipe prepared in class to take home a re-create! Feel free to choose a class from the list or choose a personal theme of your own! The possibilities are endless!

Private Class Ideas…

Retreat Meal Programs

Retreats are a very special occasion for people to come together in a designated location to nourish their bodies, minds, and souls in a beautiful environment with incredible mentors. I believe the food served at retreats is as equally important as the retreat itself. Cooking for retreats is one of my strongest culinary niches. Not only do I create a menu that is in tune with the type of retreat you are hosting, but I interact with guests and bring a warming vibe to the environment. My food will have your guests feeling inspired, energetic, satisfied and most importantly, happy. I can accommodate any dietary restrictions or special needs your guests may have. (I will travel to any location around the world, provided my travel and accommodations are covered.) Retreat pricing varies by the number of people served, the type of menu created, how many days I am assigned to cook, and travel time.

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