About the Chef

Hi, my name is Jessica Ragland and I am a passionate, self-driven personal chef who strives in creating delicious and nutritious meals that fit each customer’s dietary preferences. I put positive energy and love into every meal I create for others. I am open to cooking all types of cuisine using locally sourced and organic produce, dairy and meats. I enjoy catering to retreats, small events and dinner parties in Colorado Springs and surrounding states. I also love to teach cooking lessons to individuals, as well as groups.

Growing up, my mom had to become very creative with getting food on the table on a strict budget. She was always finding new and innovative ways to present food in a less boring manner. My mom taught me how to utilize what I have in the kitchen and never waste food. I thank her for some of my best skills I have today, including turning leftovers into magic, and finding a use for every single item in the refrigerator.

I have three associate degrees in culinary arts, baking and pastry, and culinary management. I have worked in the rigorous culinary industry doing various jobs such as banquet prep, managing, serving, cooking on the line, catering, grilling, purchasing and ordering, doing inventory and menu planning since I was in middle school. Now, I am proud to say I have my own business as a personal chef that has flourished since 2012.

As a personal chef, I have had the pleasure of cooking for families, private events, school programs and retreats in many different areas, including Texas, Savannah, GA, Hawaii, New Mexico, Minneapolis, Woodland Park and in my current hometown, Colorado Springs. In Texas, I had the opportunity to cook for large groups of hunters on a ranch and learn how to prepare venison, bison, elk, pheasant, duck, and quail with various cooking methods. Traveling and cooking has become my favorite part of what I do.

I also work alongside doctors to help their patients meet their weight loss goals. I do this by providing patients with weekly meals that keep them on track. I am familiar with many dietary needs such as celiac disease, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian, raw diet, weight gain, weight loss, food allergies, you name it. I can develop a meal plan that fits every individual’s needs.

In addition to cooking, I love to be outdoors in the mountains hiking, mountain biking, camping or off-roading. I have an organic garden that is constantly expanding every year. I love to grow fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs to use for my family and clients. I am also a certified yoga instructor (Baptiste style), and a visual artist. I am also very talented in baking, cake decorating and dietary friendly baking.

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