Client Assessment Form

General Information

  • How many People are in your household?


Food Arrangements

  • (If not, we can discuss options and prices for purchasing food storage.)

Health & Dietary Needs


Food Preferences

  • FAVORITE types of foods / And foods to AVOID:

  • Final Notes

  • I charge an initial fee of $20 to come to your house and go over your client form, payment plan options, and to become familiar with your kitchen. This way, I can come prepared on the official cook date with all of the information and tools I need.

    Please make sure that your kitchen area is clean and ready on the scheduled cooking dates.

    If you have any questions or concerns, I can easily adjust my schedule. Please call ahead of time to schedule any time changes needed.

    Chef Jess will complete this section once all details are worked out:

    Your first cooking session is scheduled for:_____________________ . Based on the information you/ your family provided on this Client Assessment Form, J. Stafford will create a customized menu for you/ your family. I will arrive at your home on ___________at approximately _____am/pm with all the ingredients necessary to prepare the agreed upon meals in your kitchen. I will package your meals will be stored according to your instruction with proper name/date labels and complete heating instructions for your convenience. Your kitchen will be thoroughly cleaned and all of my tools and equipment will be removed.


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